The Sacred Valley of the Incas in the skies – Unforgettable Sky Lodge

I have been dying to live a unique, wonderful and 100% adrenaline filled experience, can you imagine sleeping in the Andean skies of the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Cusco), yes as you heard this incredible experience is a total disconnection from the noise of the cities. sky lodge

If you are looking for an experience full of adventure, adrenaline and unforgettable I invite you to keep reading this blog … and we begin.

Where is it located?

This peculiar hanging hotel is located in the Sacred Valley, an hour and a half from the city of Cusco, Peru. Many travelers like you and me go on a journey just to live the experience of spending a night in this very particular hotel.

To reach the Sky Lodge, suspended at 400 meters above sea level, visitors can only access it by two means.


Guests of this majestic hotel will have to go through a suspension bridge to then climb 400 meters using metal rungs anchored in the rock, if you thought that was all I’m sorry to tell you no since you will have to rappel from a height of 100 meters.


If the first option didn’t convince you, consider the second, which offers easier access via zip lines.

What is this hanging hotel made of?

If you’re still unconvinced about spending a night here, let me explain how it was built.

Nature Vive executed this project, anchoring three capsules to the rock, providing guests with a privileged view.

The hotel has a transparent structure, this complex is formed by three modules: Luna, Silves and Miranda. Each one has four beds, a dining room and a private bathroom. The capacity of the shelter is up to eight guests per night, since Luna is used as a service module.

They were manufactured in aerospace aluminum and high-strength polycarbonate, each of the cabins is anchored to 21 points of attachment in the mountain, which means that they could support up to 25 tons. Each module is 7.5 meters long and 2.6 meters high and wide.

Each module has six windows and four ventilation ducts, and offers environmentally friendly lighting not only during the day but also at night thanks to panels that store energy in batteries to power the four lamps inside the room.

How much does it cost to spend a night at the sky lodge?

Here I give you a reference of the prices of the different services they offer you

Price per person in soles (Peruvian currency)

Via Ferrata + Tyrolese + 01 night S/. 1575

Tyrolean + 01 night S/. 1485

Via Ferrata + 01 night S/. 1485

Includes private transportation from/to your hotel, guides, equipment, snacks for the ascent, gourmet dinner with bottle of wine and breakfast over the Sacred Valley.

Sky Lodge

Sky Logde activities

  • Via ferrata
  • Zipline
  • Via ferrata & zipline
  • Lunch at skylodge

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