Why Peru for MICE?

In a country as colorful and diverse as Peru, it is hard not to find the perfect MICE destination within this culturally rich country. With roots stretching back even further than the Incas, Peru holds a powerful appeal for anyone interested in learning more about its myths, legends, and fantastic stories. Even better, is the ease of traveling around Peru with inexpensive and well-organized transportation, be it flights, buses, or trains.

Additionally, Peru is constantly improving as an incentive destination with more and more opportunities. These can range from the highly connected city of Lima, which receives international flights from all over the world, to Cusco and the Sacred Valley named for the Incas, Andean gems like Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, the desert oasis of Huacachina, Ica and the Nazca Lines, and to the shores of the windy Pacific Coast and the Ballesta Islands.

And finally, it is impossible to forget the incredible gastronomic sector that has developed so well, making any of your MICE events memorable!

Meetings & Conferences

Peru is emerging as an ideal destination for meetings and congresses. Thanks to its economic growth, it has allowed the development of adequate infrastructure as well as trained personnel in this area. Its well-known history, deep-rooted customs and exquisite gastronomy contribute to the success of meetings.


A set of emotions is what we transmit in an Incentive trip, programs totally designed to the needs and preferences of our clients, where we look for the participants to live the experiences of a magical destination where we have developed unique products of luxury, adventure, health, gastronomy and spirituality.

Special Events

Events in which we seek to transmit the essence of our country, designed under a responsible and creative production that make them unique shows that will be difficult to forget in the memory and feelings of the participants.

Why travel with peru vip travel?

Tailor made

We are local experts, We design your tailor made trip from start to finish exploring your greatest desires to make it an unforgettable experience!


We create experiences beyond your imagination. we explore everything from your deepest passions to your simplest requests. Then, we will design an itinerary that will make you count the days.


We are as passionate about protecting our region, working with responsible properties and supporting local communities. Experiencing something extraordinary while having a positive impact on our destinations.


Being the land of Inca ruins, delicious food, and breathtaking landscapes, Peru has it all. Because of its rich cultural history and high biodiversity, this stunning country is a heaven on earth for any type of incentive traveler. You definitely understand why, as this diverse country offers endless possibilities for incentive travel experiences that allow your clients to interact with local cultures and enjoy truly unique places. Plus, the ultimate combination of incredible cuisine, modern facilities, and a unique history makes Peru a one-of-a-kind destination.



10 Highlights

1. In Peru you will feel connected to all your senses on a trip of wondrous nature, flavors, and ancient culture that spread from the seashores to the highlands and down to the deep jungle.

2. Connectivity to Peru is one of the main advantages to access the rest of South America; in fact, Lima is the main hub on the Pacific side of South America.

3. Ancient towns located in the middle of the Andean valleys preserve the Inca’s heritage in their handmade textiles, agriculture, dances, language, and clothing. Walking through any path, you can feel the footprints of the local ancestors.

4. Peru beholds a huge variety of climates, cultures, and races. This in turn has evolved into one of the most renowned gastronomies in the world. Peru has even been named the World’s Leading Culinary Destination in the World Travel Awards for the last 5 years.

Picnic Glampimg Sacred Valley

5. A must-see while in Peru is Machu Picchu of course. The ancient, enigmatic, and beautiful Inca masterpiece is the First Carbon Neutral Tourist Destination in the World. Arrive by trekking in or taking one of the world’s most luxurious trains, either way, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
6. Peru is home to world-class hotels such as the Marriott, Belmond, Swissotel, and other international brands that have invested in Peru, for many amazing reasons. However, you can easily be amazed by the other Relais & Châteaux properties or the great quality of local hotel brands, trains, restaurants, and more that allow you to experience the culture.
7. Peru’s history runs deep and has more than 5,000 years of past events that have taken place on these lands. At each destination, you will become an eyewitness to the day’s past and the events that led Peru to be as it is today.
8. Just as rich as the Andean regions, the Pacific Coast of Peru is also filled with pre- Incan archaeological sites, nature, and wildlife.
9. As if there weren’t already enough options for adventure, the most luxurious Amazon Cruises are available for incentive trips along the rivers that snake through the lush and plentiful jungle.
10. Peru is home to 12 different UNESCO World heritage sites spread out in all regions. These locations range from pre-Inca ruins, Inca and Spanish colonial architecture, historic city centers, extensive geoglyphs, jaw-dropping montane landscapes, and national parks.