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Water management systems

Inca hydraulic engineer.The Inca Empire was one of the largest and most powerful civilizations in the Americas, spanning from Ecuador to Chile in the 15th and 16th centuries. The ancient […]

Thursday 7 September, 2023

Transformers “The Awakening of the Beasts” in Peru

OVERVIEW Yesterday Paramount Pictures premiered the seventh installment of the Transformers “The Awakening of the Beasts” film saga in Peru, filmed in the different attractions and unique Andean landscapes of […]

Thursday 8 June, 2023

Luxury Experiences in Peru

Hello bloggers, today we will talk about luxury services and experiences in Peru in its best destinations. Here you will find hotels, trains and cruises with international certifications; restaurants mentioned […]

Tuesday 30 May, 2023

Top 10 restaurants in Cusco

Peruvian gastronomy has given much to talk about in recent times not only for the quality but also for the variety of dishes that you can find, that’s why today […]

Saturday 15 April, 2023

Top 10 Hotels in Cusco

Overview If you are visiting Peru, you are probably wondering where to stay in Cusco. And it is the most normal thing in the world. hotels in cusco Cusco is […]

Wednesday 5 April, 2023

Cusco with 7 streets

Cusco with 7 streets Something real? Have you ever thought that there is a city that has 7 streets with the number 7? Would you dare to know and walk […]

Saturday 25 March, 2023

Must-see places to visit in Peru

Hello bloggers, today I will write about some of the main places to see in Peru, so if you have arrived here because you are planning a trip, or if […]

Monday 13 March, 2023

And how is the train to MachuPicchu?

Hello traveler, have you ever wondered how is the train to Machupicchu? Which service to choose? Which is the best? Which company should I travel with? I understand that there […]

Tuesday 7 March, 2023

How to get to the Humantay Lake?

Cusco is an excellent region that is located between the mountains of the Andes. And here, wherever you go, you will always be amazed by so much history, food, music […]

Monday 6 March, 2023

Peru – Unique Destination

Hello travelers… Have you ever wondered why Peru is considered a Mega diverse country? Have you still not visited this fascinating destination?Here I tell you the reasons why this country […]

Tuesday 21 February, 2023

How to get to the city of Cusco?

How to get to the city of Cusco, from the most important cities in Peru? There was a time when all the roads that ran through Tahuantinsuyo began and ended […]

Thursday 16 February, 2023

Machupicchu and its routes

Traveling on your own is amazing, however, many questions arise when visiting one of the 7 Wonders. We are heading to Peru where Machupicchu is located, one of the most […]

Tuesday 14 February, 2023