Post: 13 Jan

Salt mines of Maras

Hello bloggers, today we will talk about one of the natural and cultural wonders that you cannot miss.   OVER VIEW The Maras salt mines are a complex of salt […]

Post: 6 Nov

Why Visit Cusco?

Exploring the Magic of Cusco: Reasons to Visit this Peruvian Treasure Previously if there is one destination that truly embodies the essence of Peru, it is Cusco. This magical corner […]

Post: 21 Oct

The Great Biodiversity of Machu Picchu

Hello bloggers! Today we will talk about the great biodiversity of the historic sanctuary of Machupicchu. Machupicchu apart from being a great Inca city with an incredible history, keeps within […]

Post: 11 Oct

Glamping in the Andes

Can you imagine a new way to enjoy dreamlike places? Hello travelers, today we are going to talk about a way to disconnect from the stress of the city and […]