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About Peru Vip Travel

The great dreams of the Founders Luis Del Castillo and Vilma Calderon, to connect travelers with the magical spirit of our Andean lands, led them to create Peru VIP Luxury Travel 10 years ago.

We are Luxury travel operators in Peru, we create experience that are sophisticated, simple and controlled. Our creativity and efficiency position us as one of the best leading receptive tourism companies in Peru. Our team turns each trip into a Celebration of our roots and history, making all dreams come true in an environment of respect for local cultures and the environment. Our purpose is to create unique and unforgettable experiences in each destination by providing a personalized service tailored to your needs, ensuring that you enjoy your trip carefree.

Why travel with Peru vip travel?

Tailor made

We are local experts, We design your tailor made trip from start to finish exploring your greatest desires to make it an unforgettable experience!


We create experiences beyond your imagination. we explore everything from your deepest passions to your simplest requests. Then, we will design an itinerary that will make you count the days.


We are as passionate about protecting our region, working with responsible properties and supporting local communities. Experiencing something extraordinary while having a positive impact on our destinations.

Meet the peru vip travel family

Our team of luxury travel designers have more than 15+ years of combined knowledge about travel within South America. Our local insight of South America’s most inspiring places is unrivaled. t travel within South America. Our local insight of South America’s most inspiring places is unrivaled.

Vilma Calderón

CEO & Founder

Luis Mamani

CEO & Founder

Reyna Gonzalez

CEO - International Relations

Diva Tyler

Commercial Mannager

Nohelia Rios


Luz Molina

Ejecutiva de Reservas

Cristian León

Ejecutivo de Operaciones


Web Master

Cesar Alata

Guia Profesional

Fidel Calderon

Guia Profesional

Gilder Grajeda

Guia Profesional

Renato Paz

Guia Profesional

Luis Forton

Guia Profesional

Aldo Flores




Hogar sol y luna

The association “Sol y Luna”, was officially born on April 24, 2001 with the objective of carrying out a cultural-educational project in favor of Peruvian children and adolescents coming from precarious families and victims of physical violence and/or sexual abuse.

Sol y Luna was born as a family home able to satisfy the basic needs of the children (housing, food, clothing, medical care and education) and to offer them a “safe” family environment. Over the years it has developed activities to reinforce individual and cultural self-esteem. As well as other creative-expressive stimulus activities (theater, dance and painting). It has also created training laboratories, such as bakery, ceramics and sewing, to guarantee the children a working future and, at the same time, produce products for the self-sustainable process of the structure.

Our co-founder, Vilma Calderon was part of Hogar Sol y Luna, is the main reason why Peru VIP Travel, supports this children’s home, taking tourists to visit the project and share with the children, as part of its Travel program (thus contributing financially to the project).

Umasbamba community

Umasbamba is a small town of only 32 families and is located less than 13,000 feet. Everyone here is a subsistence farmer, they grow potatoes and grains. All houses are made of adobe, have no internal heating and are extremely rustic. Their houses have dirt floors and guinea pigs usually run around the corners. The remote location has isolated them from many opportunities for growth, such as education and commerce.

However, currently, with the impact of Experiential Tourism they built small houses, where they host tourists giving them the opportunity to learn more about their customs and culture, they carry out their normal activities such as grazing sheep, cultivating the farm, cutting grass to feed Its animals, in addition to enjoying their delicious cuisine with products grown by them from their farm to the pot, is definitely an experience of real Andean life.

Peru VIP Tours, offers two options to get to know this beautiful Umasbamba community, you can stay to spend a day and a full night with a family from the community, the other option is a gastronomic experience sharing a “Pachamanca” style buffet lunch, Quechua word that means “pot of land”, where they participate in the preparation, all the ingredients go into cooking in preheated stones placed on the ground, pork, beef, ram, cow, guinea pig and chicken, together with potatoes, sweet potato, corn, pods, cassava spices to enjoy a delicious “Pachamanca.”