Luxury Experiences in Peru

Hello bloggers, today we will talk about luxury services and experiences in Peru in its best destinations.

Here you will find hotels, trains and cruises with international certifications; restaurants mentioned in the ranking 50 Best World and Latin American.

Cultural manifestations considered as cultural heritage and a selection of exclusive trips to know the deepest Peru.

experiences in Peru

Luxury in Peru surprises, seen in the shy cock-of-the-rock and tasted in the exciting local dishes.

Peru’s luxury lies in creativity, seen in hotels once vice-regal palaces and the vibrant dances at festivals nationwide.

For a luxurious adventure in Peru, camp under the watchful eye of Apu Salkantay or amidst the reeds of Lake Titicaca.

But, above all, the luxury in Peru is in its stories. Each of its 24 regions holds exciting memories of its recent and remote past.

These captivating stories are set against the backdrop of impressive pre-colonial sites, stately cities and wild nature. It is a country that, however well known, will always have stories to tell.


Belmond Miraflores Park

The Belmond Miraflores Park overlooks the Pacific Ocean in one of the most charming places in Lima. Its elegance and discretion have made it the preferred lodging of presidents, princes and top artists.

Decoration with classic and local details offers an exclusive experience in the heart of Miraflores’ tourist district.

Spacious suites, a pool with city views, and more define this luxurious offering.

. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Casa Andina Premium Miraflores

Located in the cosmopolitan district of Miraflores, this modern building stands out just a few steps from Parque Kennedy. Casa Andina Premium Miraflores also has a total of nine spacious rooms, ideal for holding various events.

The tasteful touch of contemporary art and valuable colonial antiques decorate the rooms and common areas.

Its restaurant service offers various gastronomic options, but we cannot fail to recommend a visit to the Alma Bar Restaurant.

Without leaving the hotel, guests will have enjoyed an unforgettable experience.

The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center

In the heart of the exclusive financial center of San Isidro rises The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, designed by architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia and whose interior concept was designed by the famous Tony Chi. The hotel has 301 rooms, rooms for events and the largest urban spa in South America. The Market 770 restaurant offers healthy food that prepares the body for the day’s journey. The Maras restaurant, under the direction of renowned chef Rafael Piqueras. Offers a different experience of Peruvian gastronomy that is a true journey of flavors through the coast, highlands and jungle. The hotel promises its guests a refreshing rest, as well as the best view of Lima. Luxury Experiences in Peru


Aranwa Cusco Boutique Hotel

Aranwa Cusco, a 5-star boutique hotel on San Juan de Dios Street, blends history, luxury, and comfort harmoniously near the main square. Elegant rooms with intelligent oxygen system. Spacious bathrooms feature Electric Radiant Floor System, Scottish showers, and whirlpool tubs. An additional attraction, the boutique hotel is also a museum hotel, built on an old colonial mansion, strategically divided into seven areas, where it invites guests to take a trip to the sixteenth century, to listen and visualize the history of more than 300 pieces of art, including valuable paintings of the Cusquenian School. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Hotel Monasterio

For over three centuries, the exquisite gardens of Belmond Hotel Monasterio served as the playground for students and religious residents. The monastic life lingers in the corridors of this 16th-century Cusco gem, hidden beneath stone arches, evoking its past.

The hotel’s chapel showcases Cusquenian baroque, hosting numerous weddings and serving as an intimate event venue. Tupay restaurant offers weekly dinners with enchanting performances by local tenor and soprano vocalists from Cusco.

DeliMonasterio Bakery was one of the first to sell cronuts covered with aguaymanto jam in Peru. Its crunchy breads make it worth coming back for. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas

Two mermaids guard the heavy wooden door of the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, a mansion that was the home of Francisco de Carbajal, “the demon of the Andes,” at the beginning of the Conquest and was converted into a beaterio in the 18th century. Its elegant rooms are grouped around seven patios where gardens with Andean flora and water channels are displayed next to Inca walls. The warm outdoor swimming pool at 3400 m.a.s.l. is a temptation that should be enjoyed at least once. The library features historical books, while Senzo restaurant offers sophisticated dishes with a local twist for curious gourmets.

Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado

“Guests at Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado are amazed by the picturesque town nestled amid nature’s wonders and blooming gardens.”

“Grill, taste Pisco, horseback ride, hike to ruins, or raft – day activities at Belmond Hotel Rio Sagrado.”

“Evening delights: Organic veggies, native potatoes used in dishes. Private train station to Machu Picchu available in high season.”

Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Sanctuary Lodge

It is almost impossible to wake up late at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, especially for those who the night before were fully aware that Machu Picchu is right next to the hotel. A good breakfast guarantees energy to tour the wonder of the modern world without setbacks. The most energetic will climb Huayna Picchu and challenge the most mind-blowing abysses of the Incas, others will walk to Inti Punku, the Inca portal through which those who complete the four-day route known as the Inca Trail arrive to await the sunrise. Not a few, moved by such beauty, use the lush gardens of the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge to get married and have the surrounding apus (sacred mountains) as witnesses. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel

In the extensive tropical gardens of Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel you can observe the elusive cock of the rock, Peru’s national bird, among 214 other species, and the world’s largest collection of native orchids, with 372 species. The 83 comfortable and quiet guest cottages are scattered throughout this small sample of the fragile cloud forest less than a kilometer from the bustling Machu Picchu town. Its restaurant, overlooking the rushing Urubamba River, offers a menu of Peruvian food with contemporary touches and a wine cellar with more than 90 high-end labels. The lodge also offers a relaxing and spiritual experience at the Unu spa, which uses natural products and combines classic treatments with a mystical Andean approach. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Andean Explorer

Embark on South America’s premier luxury train for a captivating 3-day, 2-night journey through Peru’s scenic wonders. Departing from Cusco, witness picturesque landscapes and pass charming villages like Oropesa, known for its bakers, and tranquil lagoons. Explore the ancient ruins of Racchi before traversing the vast Collao plateau. Arriving in Puno, marvel at a stunning sunset over Lake Titicaca and explore the Uros floating islands and Taquile. Wake up to Saracocha lagoon’s serene beauty, visit the historic Sumbay cave paintings, and enjoy lunch in Arequipa. Choose from alternative routes, including a 2-day, 2-night option from Arequipa to Cusco via Puno or a shorter 1-day, 1-night trip between Cusco and Puno. Experience luxury and adventure on this unforgettable journey through Peru’s breathtaking landscapes.
Luxury Experiences in Peru

Belmond Hiram Bingham

Passengers traveling to Machu Picchu on the Belmond Hiram Bingham are possessed by the spirit of the men who in the 16th century sought “El Dorado” through these lands, as the luxurious carriages-inspired by the elegant rail service of the 1920s-enter the lush jungle. The brown waters of the Urubamba River compete with the swaying train carrying a Peruvian party in its observatory car. Lunch on the way out and dinner on the way back are settled in the dining car. Drinks are unlimited in the bar car. The service includes a professional guide who accompanies passengers throughout Machu Picchu and, when the excitement has subsided, tea can be taken at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, the only hotel next to the monument. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Inca Rail First Class

You can make your trip an experience for all your senses. Inca Rail, through its First Class proposal, offers you maximum comfort on board. Starting with a magnificent gourmet menu prepared with organic and Andean ingredients accompanied by an impeccable selection of wines. Plus, of course, a welcome cocktail and a variety of hot and cold natural beverages. The new First Class offers you a luxury observatory-lounge car where you can enjoy live music, a bar where you will never miss your favorite drink and a specially designed balcony so that, comfortably installed on it, you can appreciate every detail of the Andean landscape that is literally changing before your eyes. An extraordinary sensory experience you will never forget.


Amazon Cruises

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is called the jungle of mirrors because when the clear sky is reflected in the dark waters of the river, it is difficult to distinguish which side is the reflection and which side is reality. In the waters of this mysterious jungle, boutique cruise ships sail into the nooks and crannies of the flooded forests to get a closer look at the endless flora and wildlife. Aqua Expeditions’ elegant Aria Amazon is a 16-suite ship where you can enjoy a culinary experience created by renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino; on the other hand, Delfin Amazon Cruises, the first cruise ship in the world part of the Relais & Chateaux association, offers three vessels: Delfin I with 4 exclusive suites, Delfin II with 14 suites and the new Delfin III with 22 suites.
The trips, on both vessels, include activities such as wildlife watching, canoe or kayak trips, fishing, jungle hikes, visits to communities, swimming near pink dolphins, picnics on the beaches, among others. Luxury Experiences in Peru


Belmond Las Casitas

Four hours from the city of Arequipa there is a valley composed of multiform terraces that, from a distance, look like a blanket made of small patches of green and yellow. In this remote realm inhabited by the Collaguas and cabana villages hides a hotel of 20 discreet little houses and 14 hectares, bordering the abysses of the Colca River canyon, one of the most sought-after adventure destinations in the world and a nesting place for condors. Guests at Belmond Las Casitas can spend the day touring the bio-garden that supplies the restaurant, reading a book from the library, visiting one of the nearby villages or enjoying an afternoon at the spa. Luxury Experiences in Peru


Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción

On the banks of the Madre de Dios River is Inkaterra Hacienda Concepción, an ecolodge with 6 rooms located in the big house and 24 independent cabins that is the starting point to get to know the most intimate secrets of the Tambopata National Reserve. Local bilingual guide-explorers lead excursions that ensure direct contact with jungle life, such as a boat ride on the private oxbow lake, a visit to the botanical garden, an excursion to Sandoval Lake, home to caimans, turtles and a large family of giant otters, or the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, among others. The personalized service of the lodge ensures a unique experience in one of the most biodiverse jungles on the planet. Luxury Experiences in Peru



Titilaka is a three-story hotel that stands alone on a small peninsula between two beige sand beaches. The intense midday sun encourages some guests to dive into the cool waters of Lake Titicaca, others head to the boat house and choose from kayaks, Canadian canoes, stand up paddle boards and sunfish sailboats that can easily reach the nearby islands. In the restaurant, chef María Fe García proposes a creative cuisine where local products and harvests from her organic garden predominate. Titilaka offers other interesting activities such as a visit to the archaeological complex of Sillustani, bike rides, birdwatching and an interesting circuit of colonial churches. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Gourmet Cuisine


When Pedro Miguel Schiaffino visited the prodigal Belén market in Iquitos, he was so fascinated by the diversity of Amazonian products that he spent five days researching the ingredients, asking about the producers and learning about the types of cooking. Schiaffino’s trips to the jungle have been repeated so many times that he now calls himself an Amazonian researcher and, in order to delve deeper into this unknown pantry, he created ámaZ. The restaurant offers traditional dishes such as juane de gallina made from rice, inchicapi-soup made from regional chicken, peanuts, corn and yucca, and patarashca cooked in bijao leaves and grilled with sweet chili, achiote and sachaculantro. Luxury Experiences in Peru

Astrid & Gaston

When Astrid Gutsche and Gastón Acurio opened the restaurant Astrid & Gastón in 1994, they offered a French menu that they were sure would seduce Lima. It took a few years before Acurio realized that there was, under his nose, an endless national cuisine, and he became its main promoter. The restaurant’s menu presents periods and places of that cuisine that Gastón and Astrid fell in love with, such as a tasting of three cebiches from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, or a cuy dim sum, that fine Andean meat. It is a proposal that goes through the multiculturalism of the capital of Peru. The restaurant is located in the lavish Casa Hacienda Moreyra, the oldest in the district of San Isidro and an emblem of Lima.


The Alturas tasting menu at Central restaurant guides diners on a flavor journey. It starts with ingredients from the Peruvian sea, ascends to the cold heights where native potatoes, oca, and maca grow, and includes delicacies from lakes like cushuro. The experience concludes with secrets from the lush jungle, such as aguaje, copoazú, and goldfish.

Central’s chef, Virgilio Martínez, travels Peru collecting unique products through Mater Iniciativa, a biological research center that develops the sophisticated dishes of his restaurant and aims to revalue Peruvian food by searching its deepest roots.


Chiclayan (Lambayeque) cuisine is based on the rich harvest of cherry peppers, Pacora loche and culantro from Íllimo; on delicate fish such as murike grouper and guitarfish, and on tender goats fed on the fruit of the carob tree.

Family banquets hosted by Chiclayo chef Héctor Solís featured a variety of delicacies, inspiring him to open his restaurant in Lima.

There he serves, to the delight of his diners, legendary dishes such as hot cebiche cooked on natural charcoal, kid chirimpico, skate omelet, espesado and the ever-present rice with duck, a mainstay of Peruvian gastronomy. Luxury Experiences in Peru

La Mar Peruvian Cebichería

The first inhabitants of Lima arrived 10 thousand years ago and built small villages in front of the sea in Ancon, Santa Rosa, Ventanilla, Chucuito, La Punta and Chorrillos, to feed themselves with fish and seafood. A 17th century chronicler said that fish in the port of Callao was “abundant, cheap and free”.

Despite fish not being abundant or cheap today, La Mar showcases its best offerings, presenting a menu featuring classic ceviches, tiraditos, and causas, followed by hearty fried dishes like jalea and magical soups such as parihuela. The culinary journey culminates with rice dishes featuring marine flavors and whole fish cooked over firewood, steamed, or stewed.


The children of Japanese immigrants who arrived in Peru at the beginning of the 20th century taught the people of Lima to eat cebiche with seafood, cooked fish with techniques that no one else knew and created countless dishes such as chita a la sal and tiradito.

Nikkei cuisine refers to the common culinary effort between Peruvian and Japanese cultures.

Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura offers a daring interpretation of Nikkei at his restaurant Maido. His tasting menu comprises small works of art, showcasing refined Japanese techniques inspired by emblematic products and flavors from Peru and Japan.

Luxury Experiences in Peru


Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is another Peruvian chef who studied abroad (United States and Italy) and, upon his return, fell in love with Peruvian flavors. His travels along the sea, coast, highlands and jungle captivated his senses and committed him to cook respecting the seasons and working with local communities, fishermen and artisans. His menu features unique dishes such as sea urchin tamale, exotic dishes such as smoked paiche with red fruit sauce and pituca muslin, and reinvented classics such as roasted kid in carob juice and roasted pumpkin. Malabar’s assorted bar has won numerous awards and at night, its bar is among the liveliest in Lima. Luxury Experiences in Peru


The Peruvian steakhouse has not yet written its most glorious pages, however, it is making a brilliant effort at Osso, a lauded artisan butcher-restaurant run by Renzo Garibaldi, who fell in love with meat after taking a few classes with master butcher Ryan Farr; He then traveled for three years to San Francisco (Fatted Calf), Gascogne (Baradieu Farm) and New York (Fleisher’s) learning about anatomy, cuts, smoking, charcuterie, grilling, and what it means to work with the utmost respect for animals. On his return to Peru, he opened a butcher shop and made auspicious experiments in maturing national meat and grilling cuts, which caught the attention of specialized critics and famous diners in America. Luxury Experiences in Peru


Chef Rafael Osterling seeks to create timeless dishes, that is, dishes that do not lose their magic over the years and always evoke fond memories.

In that sense, Osterling’s regular customers eagerly anticipate the presentation of new menus, as they adore his fresh and daring cuisine. However, they also return periodically for traditional dishes like grilled shells with lemon butter and crispy garlic, green tagliatelle with wild mushrooms, and mellow rice with northern duck braised in black beer.

Luxury Experiences in Peru

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