Rejoice in a Wellness Retreat in Peru

Hello bloggers! In this new blog we will talk about the “WELLNESS RETREAT” in our country. But for this we will start with some brief concepts and where we can perform this type of tourism activities in Peru.

There are many people looking for tourism where they can relax, rest after a long work. Many travel to countries to learn about their culture, others seek expectations of sharing experiences, there are also those who practice outdoor sports or lately cross borders to meet new people and their lifestyle.

A “wellness retreat” is where activities are carried out to improve and balance life in various aspects such as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. They become an opportunity to pause and reflect on our daily lives, reconnect emotionally, recover energies and take perspective on our lives. For this reason, vacations dedicated to mental and physical health activities are a booming travel alternative, as this group of travelers seeks to pamper themselves with treatments in spas and wellness centers.

Therefore, we show you some of the places where you can enjoy this wellness retreat in our country:


The Imperial City besides getting a lot of cultural richness, also offers many activities such as adventure or wellness, there is a place where you can feel part of it and this is the Sacred Valley of the Incas as it has a large number of services that offer an experience in this type of tourism, you can participate in Andean ceremonies of cleansing and flowering that will heal your soul, or you can also be part of the tribute to the Pachamama where you will merge your senses with Mother Earth.

There are some establishments that offer spa services and the “From the Earth to the Table”, where visitors can harvest and grow their own food.


Arriving in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, in the region of San Martin, there are some places that offer wellness tourism programs. Here you can do different activities such as voluntary environmental conservation, yoga, detoxification, reiki and vegetarian food. They also offer spiritual retreats, group walks, yoga and advice on proper nutrition.


In northern Peru, in the Ancash region, you will find establishments that offer outdoor excursions, massages, yoga and reiki. Most of the resorts where you can rent suites or bungalows located in this area have privileged views, where you can appreciate the Cordillera Blanca in all its splendor.


Finally we have the region of Arequipa, where you can find lodges with all the amenities that offer the experience of wellness tourism. You can also have contact and learn more about medicinal plants that provide various health benefits. Another option would be to take a relaxing swim in its outdoor pools, the experience of appreciating beautiful landscapes and the singing of nature.


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