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Hello travelers, today we continue touring a little piece of our Peru, the Peruvian coast is the owner of a wonderful sheet of salty water. As the composer Carlos Argentino said in one of his greatest musical hits, that in the sea “life is tastier and everything is happiness”, clearly he was not wrong. ica and its vineyards

Ica, a vacationer’s dream in Peru, offers paradisiacal beaches, vineyards, fun, and the stunning oasis “Huacachina” in the desert.

Don’t forget, traveler, that here you will be able to enjoy the “Fiesta de la Vendimia” or Harvest Festival.


This paradisiacal place is located in the center west of the country, bordered by Lima to the north and Huancavelica and Ayacucho to the east. This city was founded on January 30, 1866.

Its territory is characterized by being eminently desert and forms the so-called Gran Tablazo de Ica.

How is the climate

Ica features a temperate and desert climate, with two very marked seasons noticeable here:

-Dry and cloudy in the months of May to November.

-Hot and stifling in the months of January to April.

The tip of the day

Visit this amazing place between February and March for warmer weather; perfect year-round. Don’t wait; come now!

The legend

Origin stories say a beautiful Inca princess named Huacca China spent her days in this tranquil place.

Her enchanting voice had the power to make anyone she encountered fall in love with its special sound.

Once, while walking, a man saw the princess and was so dazzled by her beauty that he approached her.

The princess decided to run away from him.

As she walked, the lady’s dress tore in the undergrowth until it finally fell off, She also dropped the mirror she always carried with her and, when it broke, it turned into a lagoon where she submerged and became a mermaid.


Another version of the legend tells that the lagoon was born from the tears of the same princess Huaca China who was crying for the death of her beloved.

From this story originates the name Huacachina, which means “woman who cries” in Quechua.

Adventure in Ica?

Of course if you are a traveler, Ica is an eminently adventurous city, here are the top options you can do in this beautiful city.

Tubulares en Ica

It is a tour that takes place in a small car known as Arenero or Buggy, which travels at high speed through the desert jumping the ridges of the dunes, down steep slopes and across the desert plains.

Considered a versatile activity, you can do it alone, with family, or friends, and it is really economical.


The fabulous dunes around the oasis of Huacachina and Cerro Blanco, allow the practice of sandboarding or sand skiing.

People of all ages can practice this sport, using a surfboard on which they can stand, sit, or lie down, and slide down from the top.

The inclination of the slope and gravity are in charge of propelling the board and the person until he/she reaches the bottom of the dune.

Visit the pisco wineries:

One of the activities that you can not miss if you are in Huacachina is to visit the famous vineyards in the area. Here we will see how the wines are made and how they are prepared and above all the Peruvian pisco, the flagship liquor of our country. The tour ends with a tasting of the different liquors that are produced there. ica and its vineyards

Rent a rowboat

Renting a rowboat was never a great idea, let me tell you traveler that more than that it is a magical and peaceful way to explore Huacachina. You can see the town from a different perspective and, as an added bonus, take beautiful photos of the lagoon, the oasis and the surrounding dunes.

You can find and rent rowing boats, as well as canoes, on the shore of the lagoon. ica and its vineyards

How do I get there?

To begin with you must take into consideration that there are no direct flights to the city of Ica, so the only way to get there is by land.

Traveler if you are in the capital Lima, we recommend you to take the services of Cruz del Sur and Oltursa as these companies have a variety of services from economic to a VIP service, the trip lasts approximately 4 hours along the Panamericana Norte.

Once you are in Ica you can take the cabs that will take you to Huacachina, this has a cost between 5 and 10 soles, this will depend on the place of departure and the schedule in which you take this transport; the duration of this trip is about 10 to 15 minutes this will also depend on the traffic that there is.

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