How to get to the Mountain of colors in Cusco Peru?

The mountain of colors (also called Vinicunca or simply ‘rainbow mountain’) is one of the new and best attractions of Peru. Located more than 100 kilometers from the city of Cusco, in an altitudinal summit located at 5,200 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.). It is a mountainous formation dyed of several tonalities product of the complex combination of minerals. The slopes and the summit are dyed in various shades including red, purple, green, yellow, pink and other variations. This tourist attraction was surrounded by ice not many years ago. Since 2016, this place receives hundreds of visitors a day becoming, along with Machu Picchu, one of the most visited places in CuscoPeru.

Once in Lima the capital of Peru We will have to make a trip to the city of Cusco, the travel time will depend on what means of transport we take, the first option would be to travel by plane.

Currently, the only international airport in Peru is the Jorge Chavez airport in Lima.

Arriving from Lima to Cusco by plane

Undoubtedly, the fastest option to get to Cusco is by plane. Several airlines offer daily flights to Cusco from Lima with a flight time of just over an hour. With most flights departing before 11 a.m. (and the earliest taking off at 5 a.m.), travelers have the option of planning a full day’s adventure upon arrival. However, it is advisable to take it easy on arrival day to acclimatize to the altitude.

Many international travelers opt to take a connecting flight to Cusco from Lima directly after arriving in Peru. If this is the case with your itinerary, be aware that you will have to go through customs before taking the connecting flight.

Arriving from Lima to Cusco by bus

If the time and sacrifice of an extremely long route is not something that worries you and what you want is to appreciate the magnetic landscapes that you will see on the route, then a bus trip could be the ideal option to get to Cusco from Lima. Undoubtedly the wonderful thing about this experience is the possibility of getting to know the country from a unique perspective where the Pacific coast, the desert regions and the wonder of the Andes, mark the way.

Bus companies offer two types of routes: the fastest and the longest.

  • The fastest route consists of taking passengers from Lima through Nazca and Abancay, achieving between 18 – 21 hours.
  • The longer route goes from Lima to Nazca, but with the difference that it passes through Arequipa. Although the total trip takes between 24 – 27 hours, there are many tourists who prefer it because of the options to visit these cities, since it can be done in stages.

How to get to the 7 color mountain from Cusco?

The safest way to reach the 7-color mountain via the Ausangate route is to hire a formal travel agency such as PERU VIP TRAVEL.

Rainbow Mountain
Alpacas in Rainbow Mountain
Vinikunka Mountain

In the morning from 4:00 to 4:30 a.m., we will pick you up at your hotel in Cusco to make the trip to the 7 Colors Mountain, located in the southern part of the region of Cusco, from the beginning we will travel for 3 hours approx. We will arrive to the town of Accopata, place where we will have breakfast and then continue through Cusipata, and arrive to Llacto, place where we will start our 1 hour hike to the highest point of the 7 Colors Mountain, during this journey we will have the opportunity to see the different varieties of South American camelids, beautiful landscapes and birds, arrived at the 7 Colors Mountain, we will have free time to take pictures of this enigmatic place. Afterwards, we will continue with our return hike to the starting point, then we will go by tourist transport to Chillihuani, where we will make a stop for lunch, then we will return to Cusco, where we will arrive at 6:00 p.m. approx.

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