Cusco with 7 streets

Cusco with 7 streets Something real? Have you ever thought that there is a city that has 7 streets with the number 7? Would you dare to know and walk these streets?

Hello travelers, cities have something peculiar that makes them unique either in its streets, squares, etc..

Cusco and its 7 streets is no exception.


The streets of Cusco with 7 streets this hides the secret and mysticism of more than 500 years.

And this is something that does not go unnoticed by many people who come to this magical place because in Cusco there are 7 streets with the number 7.

Meet with me these streets and their mysteries.

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I present the first street of Cusco with 7 streets, is located in the neighborhood of San Blas (oldest and most populous), this street to date retains its name.
In colonial times there was the convent of San Agustin whose particularity was its 7 windows. Nowadays the modern houses have already modified this particularity.

How to get there?

  • If you are in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, the distance by car will be 3 minutes.
  • If you wish to walk it will take you about 8 minutes on the way you will be able to appreciate the Machupicchu-House Concha Museum.


In colonial times there were 7 stone beams similar to quarters lined up over the Shapy River.

(Today this river passes under El Sol Avenue).

Today you can only see a single specimen since through the growth of the city were disappearing.

How to get there?

  • This street is 5 minutes from the Plaza de Armas, you can visit it without a car.


This neighborhood is located between Almudena and the Parroquia de Santiago, nowadays this street is not very well preserved.

The story goes that in this street lived Don Mascareñas with his 6 children; an old Spanish founder.

He and his sons were dedicated to molding and casting bronze pieces for churches, mansions, among others.

Nowadays some pieces are preserved in some churches or old mansions.

How to get there?

  • From Cusco’s Plaza de Armas it will take you about 10 minutes approximately.
  • If you walk it will be about 20 minutes approximately.


One of the most beautiful streets of Cusco, this is an alley between Choquechaka street with the Plaza Nazarenas.

In Inca times this street was called “Amaru Ccatta”, because in its Inca walls we can see seven snakes.

In the ancient walls of the Yachay Wasi, (Inca school) carved in high relief.

Leaving this alley in front of the small square you can see another 7 snakes carved in stone.

Would you dare to look for these 14 snakes? You will only need a lot of patience and a good eye.

How to get there?

  • Only 6 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas of Cusco through the Plazoleta Nazarenas.
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This famous street is located in the neighborhood of San Blas, next to the neighborhood of Kiskapata.

There is an old story that many young lovers used to meet in this narrow street.

seeing that it was a street little traveled, they gave free rein to their low instincts.

Where they said they were tempted by the devil and generally the women went out with their Sunday seven (pregnant).

The name of this street is due to the seven deadly sins. Nowadays it is a very busy street for tourists. Would you dare to walk down this street?

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This street that name due to the church was to counteract the 7 little devils, street in opposition that exists.

The story goes that it was Blas Bobadilla who ordered to paint these 7 little angels on the roof of his house.

Daniel Estrada Perez ordered the image of the angel to hold the number 7 in his hands.

In addition to the 7 figurines there are others that are worthy of being contemplated that usually go unnoticed.

How to get there?

  • From the Plaza de Armas, the walk takes approximately 12 minutes.
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In ancient times this street was very busy by settlers who used to go down with their llamas, alpacas and sheep.

They also used to bring baskets with clothes to take advantage of the waters of the Tullumayo River to wash them.

Today you can see women with typical costumes accompanied by their llamas carrying a little lamb.

How to get there?

  • From the main square it is approximately 5 minutes by car and a 15 minute walk.
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