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Lake Sandoval “The heart of Tambopata”

Currently considered as “The lungs of the world”, I speak of the Peruvian Amazon, but this time we will go to the southeastern part of the Peruvian jungle to discover […]

Thursday 2 February, 2023

The ancient Amazonian Machupicchu – Kuelap

Today we will enter one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse regions of Peru and I am talking about the Peruvian jungle, we will meet an ancient people, older […]

Tuesday 24 January, 2023

Astronomical Calendar, mystery in the Nazca Lines

Hello travelers, today we will visit one of the attractions that most baffles the most experienced researchers and archaeologists. astronomical calendar mystery in the nazca lines Nobody knows who, how […]

Tuesday 24 January, 2023

What to do in Machupicchu?

Hello bloggers. Today I am going to write about a place that impacted me. MachuPicchu is well worth the title of Wonder of the World, an incredible place, one of […]

Tuesday 17 January, 2023

What to do in the White City? Arequipa

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to talk about Arequipa, known as the “White City” where you can appreciate its colonial architecture, gastronomy for the brave, a mummy named Juanita and […]

Friday 13 January, 2023

Ica and its vineyards – Peru

Hello travelers, today we continue touring a little piece of our Peru, the Peruvian coast is the owner of a wonderful sheet of salty water. As the composer Carlos Argentino […]

Friday 13 January, 2023

 What to do in the jungle of Iquitos?

Hello bloggers, today I am going to talk, write about the jungle of iquitos. Place where you will know different river excursions on the amazon. From iquitos you will discover […]

Friday 30 December, 2022

Magic Water Circuit in Lima Peru

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk about the Magic Water Circuit in Lima Peru. Between the busy avenues Arequipa and Paseo de la Republica in Lima is the […]

Wednesday 28 December, 2022

The Main Square of Cusco in Perú

Hello bloggers, today we will talk, write, the main square of cusco in peru and its tourist attractions, which you can not miss. All the countries of the Hispanic conquest, […]

Thursday 11 August, 2022