Peru – Unique Destination

Hello travelers…
Have you ever wondered why Peru is considered a Mega diverse country? Have you still not visited this fascinating destination?
Here I tell you the reasons why this country is one of the must-see destinations that you should not miss.
peru destination


The country possesses an enormous privilege, rare among nations. Its territory, ecosystems, climates, culture, and outstanding cuisine collectively define this wonderful country.
This richness is known worldwide, not only thanks to its wonder Machupicchu but also for the three distinct regions with which it counts: The Andean region, The Coast and its Amazon.

Ecosystem Diversity

Peru is made up of its natural regions, but it also enjoys its 39 ecosystems.

  • 12 belong to the Amazon region.
  • 16 to the Andean region.
  • 9 to the coastal zone.
  • 2 to the marine life.

An excellent destination if you are still planning your vacations. ….

Zone Coastal
Amazon Region
Andean Region
Zone Marine

Wide Variety of Climates

Can you imagine spending a day with sun and rain at the same time? You will answer no, but in Peru you can live this experience because it has 28 different climates which has allowed the creation of thousands of natural habitats of flora and fauna.

Here are some examples: if we do not go to the north of Peru we will have sunny and hot climates all year round while in the Andean areas the weather will be cold and rainy, if you dare to go to the jungle you will find temperatures up to 40°C while in the capital Lima it is very common to see cloudy skies. peru destination

Millenary culture

Cultural diversity is another of the reasons that make a country megadiverse.

Its cultural expression in each region is different and very well marked either by its music, language, clothing, dances, customs and / or religious festivities.

At present we can find ethnic groups and linguistic families throughout the territory, each of these are part of and protect the Peruvian cultural heritage.

Inti Raymi
Danzante de Tijeras

Exquisite gastronomy

Definitely a country with millenary gastronomic tradition and potential, if you thought it only has a variety of climates let me tell you that you are wrong.

Each of the cities has a typical dish with a unique flavor made with products from the countryside.

Peru has been designated as the best culinary destination in the world by the World Travel Awards 2018.

Thanks to its various dishes, drinks and desserts…here are some of these delicacies for your palate….

Lomo Saltado
Arroz con Pollo
Mazamorra Morada
Turron Doña Peña
Suspiro a la Limeña

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