What to do in the White City? Arequipa

Hello bloggers! Today I’m going to talk about Arequipa, known as the “White City” where you can appreciate its colonial architecture, gastronomy for the brave, a mummy named Juanita and a people proud of its eternally blue sky, among other reasons to return to Peru . More on the subject in the blog.

History of Arequipa:

Arequipa “The White City” This is due to the light color of its ancient churches and mansions, obtained by a white volcanic stone, the sillar, widely used in construction since the seventeenth century. Although there is also another version that points to the ethnic composition of its inhabitants, mostly conquistadors who established their fiefdom here. Arequipa, in fact, is more of a colonial and Spanish city than an indigenous one (in addition to the architecture, the newcomers planted olive and palm trees that reminded them of their native Spain.

Arequipa also earns the moniker “City of the Eternal Blue Sky” because the sun shines all year round, and the sky, so light blue, clearly highlights the majestic volcanoes that flank the city: Misti, Pichu Pichu, and Chachani.

Colca Canyon Excursion:

The Colca Canyon is the perfect place to enjoy nature, but also to learn more about the history of Peru.
Here you can appreciate the famous colcas, warehouses located in the hills of the valley where corn, quinoa and cereals were stored in the past.
In addition, one of the main tourist attractions of the canyon is to visit the Mirador del Condor, where you can appreciate the flight of the largest non-marine bird in the world: the condor of the Andes. Surely you will love it!

What activities can be done in Arequipa?

Monastery of Santa Catalina “a city within a city”:

In a way, theirs is a story of female submission and sacrifice as well, although very different from Juanita’s. The rules were clear in those colonial times.
The rules were clear in those colonial times: the first daughter was destined to marry, the second to become a nun, the third to stay at home taking care of her parents. So they, the middle ones, entered the convent of Santa Catalina when they were only 12 years old and never left again.
Today you can visit the convent in the heart of Arequipa, but where an overwhelming silence reigns. It is known as “a city within a city”, and no wonder: there are 20,426 m2 in total, a real complex with six streets, 80 small houses, three cloisters, laundry, infirmary, cemetery, channels in the floor for the water to run, square, church, chapels.

Chacapi thermal baths:

This wonderful place is located in the district of Yanque, province of Caylloma, 5 hours from the center of the White City (Arequipa).
The Thermal Baths of Chacapi has thermal waters rich in minerals that provide many benefits, visitors say it helps you to improve the appearance of the skin. This is the perfect place for those looking to get away from it all, take a break and relax. Of course it is also perfect for photography lovers.

How To Get To Arequipa Peru:

The first option to visit Arequipa from Lima is by air.
Given the distance between both cities, more than 1,000 km. There are 3 airlines that fly this route with affordable costs and various schedules, here is an example:
Cost ONLY ONE WAY: from 100 USD in economy class.
Duration: 1 h 20 min.
Airlines that fly: LATAM Airlines and Sky Airlines.

The second option is a direct trip by car or public transport (20 USD) takes +10 hours, so my recommendation is to visit Arequipa as part of your travel route, for example: Lima Paracas Arequipa Cusco. You also have the option to make an overnight trip, to sleep all night in the bus and save one night of lodging.

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