Exploring the Secrets of Taquile

Hello bloggers, today we will explore one of the oldest islands of our country, located in the largest navigable lake in the world, the Titicaca. In this exciting tour “Exploring the Secrets of Taquile” we will discover the hidden treasures of this Peruvian jewel; from its rich traditions to its breathtaking natural landscapes. We will see its magical traditions, customs and appreciate the beautiful legacy passed down from generation to generation. Read on and experience the deepest magic of Taquile!

History and Culture

In pre-Inca times, the inhabitants of Taquile were of the Collas culture. During the Inca period, Taquile became highly significant, serving as a natural stronghold and one of ancient Peru’s main agricultural centers. With the arrival of the Spanish, Taquile became an indigenous resistance, resisting multiple colonization attempts and maintaining its independence for many centuries. This allowed them to preserve their cultures, traditions and identity.

Currently, Taquile’s beautiful weavings are recognized worldwide, making it one of Puno’s most popular tourist attractions.

Traditional Handicrafts and Textiles

One of the main characteristics of Taquile is that its textiles follow ancestral patterns, passed down from generation to generation.

Artisans make these textiles from sheep and alpaca wool, using natural dyes for coloring. Their weaving techniques are highly recognized nationally and internationally, and have been recognized as IMMATERIAL CULTURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY.

The weavers craft the textiles with such precision that the fabric takes time to absorb water.

Customs and Traditions

On July 25th of every year, Taquile dresses up to celebrate the great festivity of Santiago, patron saint of the millenary island. During this festivity, we will be able to see the different dances, unique to this region and created by their ancestors. The most representative dances are the sicuris of Taquile and the negritos of Taquile. As for their customs, they base their daily life on the Andean principles of Yachay, munay and llankay (teach, love, work). They also practice reciprocity in all forms, from agriculture to support in times of need, and always keep in mind the respect for nature, their Pacha Mama.

In short, Taquile is much more than just an island; it is a cultural treasure waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Don’t wait any longer to embark on this unforgettable adventure into the deepest heart of Peru!

If you want to know more about this millenary island, we invite you to visit it and have unique experiences in one of the most ancient places in Puno.


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