Apukunaq Tianan “The abode of the gods”

Hello bloggers, today I will talk, write, about “Apukunaq Tianan” the abode of the gods the mysterious complex of sculptures representing the Pachamama, water, cosmos, deities, runa (man), among others.


Apukunaq Tianan is located 13 kilometers from the Main Square of Cusco, by the arch of Tica Tica; in an area called Huayna Corcor; in the quality of Sencca, district of Poroy in the city of Cusco. It is located at 3450 meters above sea level. It is a colossal work carved in a rock in the mountain by the artist Michael Monteagudo. They are gigantic sculptures of gods and Andean figures, reaching 17 meters high.

How is Apukunaq Tianan born?

Apukunaq Tianan, was born thanks to a Cusquenian project in which it was proposed to keep alive the tradition of stone carving. This dwelling shows its visitors a set of sculptures representing the Pachamama, water, the cosmos, the deities, the runa (man), among others.
During its elaboration, some traditional and important rituals were performed in order to show respect to the deities, also some legends and myths were born that help with the curiosity of knowing this interesting place.

The myth of the abode of the gods

People arrive and find themselves face to face with these sculptures of approximately 10 meters high, they are really impressed with such a work of art made by the hand of man. And as it is natural in us, human beings ask themselves questions that are answered thanks to the contact with nature.

It should be noted that this construction was made in virgin land and that during this construction some of the people who worked, say that the mystical beings called and known as mukis or goblins, made their appearance and also claimed to be part of this new tourist attraction in Cusco. Therefore, it remains to perform some representative works of the owners of this virgin land located near the famous Titica Tica Arch, we refer once again to the Mukis or goblins.

What can we see in the abode of the gods?

We will be able to observe several sculptures carved in stones, most of them are representations of the Gods and representative characters for the Inca culture.

The puma
The three-dimensional door
The protective Apu
The viewpoint

Alternative Activities

You can also do other activities such as:

Tour on ATVs:

It is an option to complement and make your visit dynamic where you can see up close the nature with its landscapes, flora and fauna; in the same way own crops of the place.

Trekking from the town of Sencca to La Morada de los Dioses:

It is another option that you can do on the way to this attraction always with the intention of enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding mountains, in the same way the flora and fauna throughout the route.

Trekking to Apu Wayna Q’orqo:

After your visit to La Morada de los Dioses is one of the alternatives to reach the summit of Apu Wayna Q’orqo where you can see a 360° panorama, which you can see Chinchero, the lagoons of Piuray and Huaypo, the province of Anta, Vilcanota mountain range with the imposing snowy Ausangate, in the same way the snowy Salkantay and especially the imperial city of Cusco in its entirety.

What is the best season to visit the abode of the gods?

You can visit La Morada de los Dioses or Apukunaq Tianan throughout the year. However, Cusco has two well-defined seasons:

  • Rainy season: It occurs in the months of November to March.

  • Dry season: It occurs in the months of April to October, where it is generally advisable to visit due to the absence of rain.

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